Little did I know that when I decided to post about Cudo refunding unclaimed Ghermez Cupcakes vouchers that it would get 53 comments (including comments from Cudo and Ghermez bosses), get linked to by varying Twitterers, Whirlpoolers and OzBargainers and become my 3rd most popular post on this here blog since I started collecting stats in July 2009.

All within the space of about 48 hours.

Check out my Nuffnang stats for the week:

After peaking at 250 visits on Wednesday, it’s nice to have traffic back to normal.

Of course, this massive spike would happen just days after I posted an unflattering photo of myself to scare me into going on a diet. A diet that I still haven’t started because I’ve been an emotional sook this week.

But the sun is out today for the first time in months (seemingly), so things are looking up.

In case you’re wondering? My all-time most popular posts are this one where I stole a pic from PostSecret and the one about how I made Vodafone my bitch. Okay, maybe that’s not what happened. But I like to think of it that way :)

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One thought on “Woah, I was an overnight sensation… for just one night

  1. It’s funny how this goes… my popular post is the one where I exclaimed

    Alcohol with less calories? Sweet!

    I get soooo many searches for them. But no head honchos yet :(

    The shame is that you weren’t running any ads at the time :(

    Posted on 7 November 2010 at 8:47 am