*A review which proves why I only wrote one review for APC the entire time I was on staff.

Tonight when I was looking up directions on how to get to my counselling session (tell-all next post), I realised that I should try Google Maps AU now the Aussie one’s been set up for a while. Whereis.com is Telstra-owned and frankly is a piece of crap.


Whereis is still pretty ordinary, although they’ve recently updated their map-scrolling technique.

Google Maps Australia

I find the map representation to be far better on this one. And even though it suggests that I take a much longer route compared to Whereis, the speed of the google server wins me over.

So for me driving directions requirements (in Sydney, at least) I am totally dumping Whereis for Google Maps. It was bound to happen, eventually.

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4 thoughts on “Whereis.com vs Google Maps Australia*

  1. Hmm. Your review contains coherent, relevant criticism of the market as it is, points out where the application works and where it fails, and the artwork is relevant. Why did you only write one review for APC? (and what was it?)

    (I still take perverse glee in the fact that the first review I wrote in 1998 (eep!) for APC was of Mechwarrior, and the last one in 2001 was Mechwarrior II. But I’m probably just twisted.

    Posted on 15 March 2007 at 3:11 pm
  2. Try again – who votes for a much longer travel route over waiting less than 3 seconds for a map to download? I hope you weren’t late for your appointment.

    Glad you like our enhanced map controls. Have you checked out the aerial images we added late last year yet? There’ll be more to come this year as well.

    And you can always take whereis with you in a portable GPS unit – pick one up by entering our comp at http://competition.whereis.com

    Posted on 15 March 2007 at 6:20 pm
  3. Keep watching Whereis.com….. we have taken all the comments and feedback on board, and have just launched our new beta site, which links from the current site. Or you can access it directly here:


    After much blood, sweat and tears, the fabulous and feature-packed Whereis beta site was revealed to the world last Friday.

    The new-look site adds the features and functionality that have been most requested making it even easier to find a location and get accurate directions.

    Here’s a quick run down of what you can expect from the new whereis.com.

    – A more interactive, easy to use interface that puts the most important thing front and centre – the map!
    – New search functionality that makes it easier to find Yellow businesses, trains, parks and more.
    – A new map chart that is optimised for reading on your screen.
    – Smoother, faster map transitions. We’ve “suped up” up the maps so you no longer get a “please wait” message every time you move the map.
    – A bigger map that stretches the full width of the screen and automatically resizes as you resize your browser window.
    – Satellite imagery across Australia and aerial imagery in all capital cities, plus the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, and Cairns and Port Douglas coming soon.
    – you wanted hybrid… we have given it to you….’Photo with labels’ allows you to see street and place names over the top of the satellite and aerial imagery.
    – New map controls that make it even easier to move the map around.
    – Multi-stop trip planning that lets you plan a more complicated set of directions, and look at your route in map or photo view.
    – An auto-save feature that saves your recent searches for quick reference and speed of entry.
    – A convenient side panel that opens and closes onto the map – so you can get information about what’s on the map without ever having to scroll the screen away from the map.

    The Whereis team will continue working to make your mapping experience better, more useful, and much more fun. Your feedback to date has been invaluable and we would love to hear more on your thoughts and experiences when using the beta site.

    Keep watching the site, ’cause we haven’t finished yet… there will be more added over the coming months.


    Senior Product Manager – Whereis

    Posted on 19 November 2007 at 3:27 pm