This is where I blog

Sometimes the word “blog” sounds really, really stupid in my head. Like I’m saying “poop” or “pfaff”

Whoops, I blogged!

Don’t mind me, I’m just blogging around.

Anyway, Talia chose this week’s theme for My Place & Yours: “Where do you blog?”

I do most of my blogging here:

I really should\’ve tidied up my desk before I took the pic! Items of note on my desk are: flea spray, day-old-barely-consumed-Coke Zero, empty choc mousse tub, a bag of red lentils (for a future blog post) and most of my cameras: iPhone, Canon Ixus 80 IS and Dan’s Nikon D80.

The other place where I do a large chunk of blogging is with my laptop on the couch:

Yes, we use pillows as cushions on our couch. Guess who loves napping on her couch? ;) 70’s-green throw on the couch to protect the colour for as long as possible. This is the preferred location when I want to watch tele :)

So, where do YOU blog? Join in!

By Rah Gardiner


  1. Danielle   •  

    I love that you have totally captured the real parts about your desk :) Your couch looks super comfy.
    .-= Danielle´s last blog daugther is special. =-.

  2. haz   •  

    i spy me! x

  3. Janine   •  

    Love the photos above the PC. I too am a couch person… pillows for me though lol.

  4. Laura   •     Author

    Girls, that’s an Ikea couch! I had no idea I could stand to own one, now I’m in love with it :)

    Sarah, I never finished the coke. Zero goes feral after about 2o minutes, according to my taste buds ;)

    Harriet, you know you’re never far from me, even in pic form :))

  5. Kay   •  

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who stores their cameras on top of their desk. I have multiple camera bags, yet that is where they seem to live. LOL
    .-= Kay´s last blog ..Lest We Forget =-.

  6. Laura   •     Author

    My theory is that camera bags aren’t easy access for “omg i have to take a photo of the cat doing THAT” moments :D

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