…actually, I don’t know if Telstra’s commandeered a domain before, but hey, they have now.

In a post from the whitepage.com.au site that will probably vanish by the end of the week:

It’s with bitter disappointment that we announce to you the news of the recent WIPO (world governing body that determines the ownership of domain names) order to transfer WhitePage.com.au to Telstra Corporation Limited.

Now it’s not half obvious that whitepage.com.au is one ‘s’ away from whitepages.com.au (which has a sloppy search engine, if you ask me.).

Look how greedy Telstra are. Australia’s only local free blog provider gets royally told to shut up and will probably decrease the chances of a similar service starting up for us down under. It’s not as though blog provision and an A-Z of names are competing industries, or that telstra was going to lose ONE MILLION DOLLARS (/Austin Powers) because of cyber-squatting.

While I signed up for a whitepage account, I did it more on principle and to support Aussies; a year ago I still had a relatively hack-free domain of my own. We gotta show the man that we aren’t gonna take it.

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