Over the last couple of months, my bogan cupcake twin Leigh and I have been working on a new web site and this week it finally went live.


That’s Noice is an Aussie-centric blog full of things we think are awesome. Awesome is found in all sorts of shapes and sizes like toe socks, salad servers, hedgehogs, christmas trees and cupcakes. Especially cupcakes. Nom.

The original concept was for an Aussie cupcake-centric site, but decided we wanted to cover more than just cupcakes – becuase awesome really is found in infinite shapes and sizes.

It’s awesome in itself for me to contribute to the site — Leigh is a superwoman of the Aussie internets and I’m feeling pretty spesh that she’s let me jump in and be part of the noice-ness.

We’ve already had one giveaway on That’s Noice and we’ve got a heap of Noice ready to start sharing with you – come along and join us!

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