Still shirty with Flickr, I’ve had a go at 4 Flickr alternatives to see if it’s worth jumping ship. In my clearly uncomprehensive reivew, I’ve put together 5 points for each of the 4 I tried this afternoon.


  • You can only upload through the web site or by emailing  a spesh email address. Where’s the upload app?
  • The price to upgrade is shown in your local currency. So simple, yet so cool
  • AU$50/year
  • Has ‘footnotes’ aka flickr’s notes
  • Pretty flickr-ish, with groups and bits

Picasa Web

  • Is a Google product. Yet to work out if that’s a bad thing or not
  • 250MB free storage
  • US$25/year for 6.25GB storage
  • Upload sofware is that Picasa software
  • Basic, but might be enough for most people


  • Half priced registrations to flickr refugees. Score!
  • Regular rate for standard registrationUS$40/year
  • The logo uses the horrible Comic Sans font. Shudder.
  • Templates on offer, even though a majority of them are crap
  • I’ve spent 15 minutes trying to work out how to get aroun. Bad usability.


  • Why can’t I just type and get the home page? Because I didn’t get a welcome email when I signed up, I actually had to google search the bloody thing to work out the url
  • I had to sign up with and OpenID account or something. I have no idea what that is
  • The web upload interface is okay. It doesn’t have a progress bar, though
  • Lots of elements similar to flickr
  • To upgrade, I clicked on the little ad on my profile page, which links to itself. Fantastic.

None of these places accept PayPal payments. flickr does.

*shrug*Ã   looking around makes me almost willing to get a yahoo id and convert it for flickr. flickr’s got style, and while only a minor factor, the paypal option with flickr is enough to keep me with them. this girl gets some cash through paypal and is my preferred internet transaction process. or something.

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2 thoughts on “My thoughts on Flickr alternatives

  1. Just an ickle note to say that yahoo isn’t the end of the world (shocking i know) as someone with a yahoo id, which is how i registered for flickr, once you’re signed in there’s absolutely no mention of them at all and you stay logged in pretty much forever if the cookies are all working so you never have to see a yahoo logo again! (sorry for the horrendous lack of full stops there, i’m having a love affair with commas at the moment)

    Posted on 3 February 2007 at 9:29 pm
  2. I’ve looked for alternatives to flickr also but nothing has the organizational qualities that flickr has. If they would offer the software as a download we could leave the flickr world behind.

    Posted on 14 June 2007 at 11:50 am