In my little circle of the interwebs, there’s talk about Simply put, it’s myspace for grown ups.

I’ve been contemplating joining Gather and have recently been contacted by Gather marketing to support a campaign they have going over there. So today I joined because I’d rather join yet another online community than clean the bathroom.

I’m still getting used to it, but my major gripe at this point is the speed of the site, specifically that it’s slow as all out. 30+ seconds to load every page. How fun. I’ve also been hit up for “connections” from 2 different people since I registered 3 hours ago. I have NFI who these people are or why they want me to beef up their popularity.

That said, I’ve seen some fairly heavy political discussions and it looks like people actually act like adults. So maybe it’s worth keeping an eye on Gather for the time being.

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