Clearly, Steve@Sensis believes that never gets directions wrong. I won’t mention how whereis tells me to drive down alleys instead of taking main roads (assuming it thinks there are no-right-turns where there are, in fact, traffic lights with right turn-arrows).

I’m also wondering if our friend Steve’s role description includes ‘Check Google Alerts for references and promote our services and tart out our current promotions’, or maybe he’s checking crappy blogs when servers need to be upgraded so that they can actually handle the traffic they generate.

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One thought on “For clarification, I still think sucks

  1. Hey guys, i just noticed whereis have a new beta out and its fast as hell! check it out at i might change your opinion of whereis (its changed mine) i go far as to say that it is better than google maps!

    Posted on 5 November 2007 at 11:35 am