There is much panic amongst Stewart and Colbert fans with the mass-removal of clips from the awesome YouTube. And I’m one of them.

While I’ve been trying (emphasis on trying) to work on my OHS assignment, Daily Show and Colbert Report clips have been my constant companion. Thankfully, my videodownloader extension for Firefox has helped me archive my favourite clips of shows that I haven’t seen, mostly because I’m stuck in Australia.

I’m at a loss as to why Comedy Central has demanded that certain (not all) clips be removed from YouTube when Jon and especially Stephen have referred to their popularity on YouTube. Surely it’s good publicity, and like a misplaced blog I read this afternoon, it’s not like Comedy Central could release a DVD of full eps.

And besides, geeking out with my Genna over MSN with new Jon or “Colby” videos is about the funnest thing I’ve ever done on teh internets. I can’t let YouTube take my happiness away.

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