I’m not one to keep up with the current goings on in the pop world, but I at least knew that Britney Spears was touring Australia when I got a surprise email last week asking if I’d like to go and see Ms Spears at Acer Arena. For Free. As a guest of Acer in their corporate box. With free food and drink.


I felt a bit out of place schmoozing with tech industry-types and Acer staffers, but everyone was really friendly and all slightly nasty about Britney ;)

I was too distracted by the excitement to take a photo of the room we got to hang out in before the show – the dips, party pies, mini quiches and free drink kept me occupied! Then they handed out Magnum icecreams and my night was made!

It was really weird to watch DJ Havana Brown, the support act (who was excellent, and I’ve since bought her latest album), but hardly hear her from behind the sound-proofed glass. We opened the door so we could hear her and almost popped an eardrum!

We eventually scoffed all the party pies and settled into our seats – so roomy, I had to lean over to talk to Gus, my buddy for the night.

Roomy seats at Acer Arena

Britney’s side-kicks for the night were a Circus troupe – and an amazing troupe at that! The highlight was a trampolining superstar – who had NO legs whatsoever. Confronting to watch at first, but she flew through the air like nobody’s business. I also loved the girl doing beam work with no matt:

Britney's circus troupe

And then there was Britney:

Britney Spears - Everytime - Acer Arena - 19 November 2009

Yes, she mimed. She spoke a grand total of 3 sentences to the audience over the course of the show. Her dancing was pretty average. Without her backup dancer and circus troupe, it would have been a shit show. To be honest, if I’d paid even the $100 for the cheapest seats at Acer Arena, I’d feel ripped off.

But for all her faults, her genuine fans clearly loved it and I enjoyed the overall experience, as craptacular as Britney was.

Thanks to Lucy and all the Acer staff (whose-names-I’ve-forgotten-already) for letting me gatecrash their event! And biggest thanks to Gus for being my buddy for the night!

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2 thoughts on “I saw Britney in concert and got my money’s worth

  1. Personally, I’d say free is not good value for a Britney concert – I’d want to be compensated for the 3 hours of my life it would have used up. Still, free food and booze is always tempting.
    .-= Ian´s last blog ..Street art – Beijing style =-.

    Posted on 21 November 2009 at 10:48 pm
  2. The people I know who went said it was all in good fun, you don’t expect much from the pop star themselves live.

    Gotta love a corporate box! :D I was in one once for a Knights game… not the same as Brit, and I was underage so only softdrinks, but still fun :)
    .-= Fiona´s last blog ..Go Ho Ho =-.

    Posted on 22 November 2009 at 8:05 am