What does a blogger do when a blogger doesn’t feel like blogging?

You could blog an apology for kinda sorta not really being on hiatus. But when you’re a personal blogger, you shouldn’t have to justify yourself to anyone. You are who you are and you’re at where you’re at. If you’ve got blogger’s block, no motivation, no stories to tell — so be it.

You could do a puff post full of Instagrams, Vines and embedded Twitter status updates. But if your readers actually want to see that shite, they will have already subscribed to your multitude of accounts and seen it over there already. You find repetition is boring, yo.

You could join a meme or linkup. Because it’s easy and good for traffic, right? But everyone does them and maybe jumping on the bandwagon just isn’t your thang.

You could do a puff post full of shiz you found and loved from the Internet. But you don’t want to do that too frequently, am I right?

You could do a ranty post. Because there is so much happening in current affairs right now that’s getting you riled up, but getting your ranty pants on gets you so worked up that you need a Bex and a lie down before you can even log in to wp-admin. Besides, you have friends who do the ranty posts way betterer.

You could force yourself to do a post anyway. But the post probably ends up being unpublishable or you close your eyes and publish anyway and then you get publishing remorse. Most likely because you think everyone can read between the lines of your I’m-really-happy-right-now-life’s-so-great lies or because your post is so depressing that no one will read it — or worse — it gets read and no one comments.

You could tell yourself you’re joining the slow blogging movement. Cause it sounds pretty frickin’ legit and lazy at the same time.

You could do nothing. Cause you don’t give a toss right now and there is a chocolate cake with your name on it just waiting to be nommed.

The blog can wait a bit longer, surely?

July 08, 2013 at 0801PM-Hipster life (I'm officially a Mac convert)

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6 thoughts on “The blogger’s conundrum

  1. You are awesome x

    Posted on 27 July 2013 at 7:10 pm
  2. It’s okay to have nothing to say at times. You’re still awesome even when you’re quiet. ;)

    Posted on 1 August 2013 at 8:41 am
    1. awww, you’re v sweet to say that :) HOW ARE YOU??

      Posted on 1 August 2013 at 6:16 pm
  3. Hey! Found you again! It didn’t matter if you said nothing. The #Rahest tag got me here! xx

    Posted on 2 August 2013 at 10:06 am
  4. Blogging about bloggers block is a sure fire way to dislodge it, works every time I hear… Proof. Pudding. ;)

    And yeah, the blog can always wait a little longer.

    Posted on 5 August 2013 at 10:21 pm
    1. haha, you’re such a clever clogs!
      love your work xx

      Posted on 6 August 2013 at 12:02 pm