It’s been a week since Nuffnang’s Blogopolis 2011 and the now-infamous after party. It’s only today that I’ve had enough time to sit and process all the things I wrote down and think of all the people I met. And all the people I promised to make contact with post-conference…. which I haven’t done yet. Let’s take the angle that I’m being strategic with my networking, shall we?

I’ve spent this morning working on tweaks to my feedburner account with thanks to Nicole Avery’s fabulous presentation at the conference. No doubt if I’d taken the time to click around feedburner myself I would have found these settings myself, but I feel better taking hints from a pro… thanks Nicole :)

My trip should have been sponsored by lozenges, cold+flu tablets and tissues thanks the cold that arrived in the days beforehand. Made it very hard to network properly because a) I didn’t want to infect anyone, and b) I barely had any voice.

The local riot police put on a show for us on our way to the Hello Blogger Events pre-party on Friday night… turns out the Socialist Alliance has issues with some of Max Brenner’s chocolate…

The event itself was a great start to the weekend with free pizza and goody bags and prizes from Benefit cosmetics… thanks girls!

Conference day itself I admit to being nervous about. I was there primarily to learn for and promote my new site, Smarter Admins. I didn’t do so great with the table I sat at, but I managed to introduce myself to great bloggers like Jo from Chickens Bees, Sharnee  and Max  and catch up again with food bloggers legends Helen and Chocolatesuze.

I dragged along my old, daggy, hand-me-down iPad1 to keep up with the #nnb2011 twitter steam and was very boring and just used my handbag notepad and pen to scribble pages and pages of notes. Sure, they were only small pages, but it was a lot more than I was expecting to write down. The speakers were all great and I wrote down something from each one of their presentations.

By the final couple of sessions, I sneaked away from my table and sat at the back of the room in the naughty corner with Lori  and  my roomies  Liz  and  Leigh. I loved Lori’s note-taking stationery…!

Even though they exist in Sydney, I hadn’t tried Grill’d until Melbourne. And ate it twice. Nom.

In true tourist fashion, the only tram we caught was the freebie city tram…!

And THIS was the after-party venue. Some shed near DFO and the Yarra River but it took for-ever to find it. Well worth it, no? It was stunning!

The after party quickly became a blur not unlike a Year 12 formal… lots of dancing, talking, swearing, drinking and planking and whatnot, but the fun and shenanigans and meeting bloggers was FABULOUS. The $3k bar tab with only ~50 attendees kinda helped… *hic*…

Meet the signature drink of the night… the Hello Cocktail. I think it was vodka and cranberry juice…?

Sunday morning breakfast was at the Pancake Parlour (Sydney’s answer to Pancakes on the Rocks) with a slew of fabulous women (many of us nursing sore heads).

Christie was a multi-tasking superstar, writing a blog post while waiting for her breakfast to be served:

And here’s my breakfast, with, what I thought was cream or icecream. Turns out it was BUTTER. Woah.

All-in-all, the weekend was absolutely brilliant, well worth the $ and the time!

I also wrote a conference follow-up post over on Smarter Admins :)


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One thought on “Something more coherant about Nuffnang Blogopolis 2011

  1. hmm, I’d thought the Pancake place at the rockas WAS the Pancake Parlour, and there’s franchises all over?

    still jealous.


    Posted on 7 August 2011 at 5:02 pm