Once upon a time, on a sunny but windy Sydney day, I went with some friends to Darling Harbour.

We were going to a very special place to see some very special people — bloggers!

We met new and old faces:  Neysha,  Victoria,  Danimezza,  Nicole,  Tony,  Caitlin,  Cameron.

We took photos of our food.

But Jarod liked to get in the way of mine. Bad Jarod!

Some of us had our first churros experience. And found that it wasn’t fantastic. Though my camera liked Dani’s cleavage…

Leigh was the most lady-like of us all drinking her melted chocolate tea with her best twinings fingers.

We sat around for a few hours, took photos, tried to convert everyone to WordPress.

Bloggers are a funny bunch — they stand out in the crowd with their fancy cameras and whatnot.

Bloggers love their stationery… and I had my first ever in-store Typo experience. L.O.V.E.!

There may have also been an extended covert mission to get Dani to switch from big bad Blogger to wonderful WordPress :)

All storytelling aside, it was a great meet and I enjoyed it most because it was unsponsored. No pressure from a particular brand or anything like that. Just a group of professionals talking about their work. Also, what sort of chocolate cafe doesn’t offer white hot chocolate? Or even dark hot chocolate? Pfft!

At the risk of stepping out of line, I was pretty disappointed by the venue. They didn’t remember the group booking, they mucked up orders and the staff were way off their game. Total playing of the Darling Harbour tourist market, which is a shame.

Massive thanks to Hello Blogger Events for all the planning and preparation that went into it!

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One thought on “Hello Blogger Events: Meet me at St Mortiz

  1. Typo is like PORN. OMG

    Posted on 25 July 2011 at 4:34 pm