[postscript 15/6/13: uri.lv has moved to feedpress.it]

A while back, there was much panic amongst bloggers over the assumed shutdown of Feedburner. There has been no official statement from Google to say they’re shutting their RSS manager down, but they have stopped updating and supporting it.

I was happy to stay put until I had some time to research alternatives, and then this week the “publisize” features in Feedburner suddenly stopped working. I had published 3 post that weren’t pushed through to email, Twitter or Facebook until 3-4 days later. Not happy, Jan.

So I started researching.

The most popular alternative is Feedblitz, which is free unless you have email subscribers. For a c-grade blog like this one , that’s not an issue, but for my other blog and anyone with, say, 100 email subscribers, Feedblitz charges $10/month. That’s $120/year. That’s a lot of money to a penniless blogger.

I found Feedcat, but it doesn’t look to be well supported (despite first impressions) and choosing a provider because they tack CAT on the end of their name isn’t gonna cut it (dammit).

I was reading one intensive blog post about ditching Feedblitz  and a commenter recommended uri.lv. uri.lv has all the features I know and love from Feedburner.

  • Decent-looking stripped back RSS rendering
  • Email subscriptions
  • Time-bound delivery of emails
  • Basic stats
  • Push to social media (you have to pay for more than one, though, but that’s where you use IFTTT if you’re a tight wad)

The free features uri.lv are plenty for me, but the premium account is only $30/year, which is better value than Feedblitz. I’m not Techcrunch or Lifehacker, so I don’t need the advanced features of Feedblitz.

I transitioned rainbowtatt yesterday and it’s worked like a charm. I found I had to upload my csv of email subscribers in IE instead of Chrome and had to change the email signup confirmation text (the developer is French and the grammar was just a little bit off). I’m waiting to publish this post to see how it takes FB push.

But at this stage I fully intend to transition Smarter over to uri.lv and buy into a premium account. I’m learning to be wary of free services when it comes to my business. If it’s too good to be true…

Who else is looking to move from Feedbuner?

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