I attempted this last year with Leigh (and she whipped my arse, hehe) and I’m willing to give it a go again as part of Blog Chicks Australia.

bloggestloserI have a new level of motivation now and even though I considered last week to be a complete write-off, I somehow managed to still lose a kilo (yay me! Let’s have a cupcake to celebrate).

As a general rule I try to follow the methods of the CSIRO well-being eating guide and get the fat jiggling on the cross-trainer that collects dust in the loungeroom.

It doesn’t help with all the chocolates sitting on the dining table that were gifts from very excitable work friends as well as the chocolate I won from Jen (!). Oh, and the fundraiser Freddo Frogs in the kitchen at work.

Those Freddo Frogs are evil. But also a bargain for $1.20, and the proceeds go to a good cause. NOM.

So last week I was 93.5kg and this week I’m 92.1kg and my goal is to 90kg by September. Slow and steady, yeah?

Ideally, my first real goal will be to get to 85kg in… I don’t know when. Maybe before the wedding I’m going to in November. We’ll see, right?

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