Since I started LRKane Creative earlier this year, I’ve looked at (seemingly) a million web sites to inform and inspire me in these early days of my small business.

Here are the top 5 web sites that I’ve found to be the most helpful in terms of getting started with my small business:

  1. ATO
    As much as I hate the tax office, I have to admit their web site was pretty good in giving me the answers I was looking for – whether I need to charge GST and complete a BAS every quarter (I don’t think I do because I’ll be earning less than $75,000 a year)
  2. ABNs and business info
    I had no idea that ABNs are free (WIN!) and this site’s been a huge source of info, especially the how-to guides
  3. Click Business Cards
    Not only are these cards a dead-set bargain (less than $70 for 250 cards incl delivery), the cards were on my doorstep within 36 hours of me submitting my order
  4. Easy Signs car magnets
    A cheap alternative to stickers on my beloved car and the beauty is that they’re removable! Perfect for when I’m in the need to let out some road rage
  5. SmallBiz
    I’ve only found this site fairly recently, but already finding the NSW-centric info really really helpful.

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