today was more shopping and a disappointing visit to st paul’s cathedral. no way was i paying  £10 to go through the gates and not be able to take photos! genna and i looked around the parts that we could see without paying and promptly left.

We caught a red bus tour thingo around london (open-topped and COLD) before jumping off in time to warm up and head off to see avenue q, which i absolutely adored. i also met genna’s potential boyfriend, george! who i also approve of.

tomorrow is the big internet girl meet up (11 of us in total now) which will go until lunchtime sunday. then i head home with harriet for our trip up to edinburgh on monday morning. internetting will be sporadic but my au mobile seems to be fully functional now (about bloody time you pulled your finger out, vodafone).

the end! today’s post was brought to you by the letter q and definitely not the shift key.

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