So! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and still feeling full from eating like there’s no tomorrow. I didn’t have a White Christmas, but a great day nonetheless. Since I wrote last:

Monday (Christmas Eve)
Genna and I took it easy after our big day in London. We went to see Enchanted with Claudia and got ready for our road trip to Harriet’s house that night. Becca arrived on time and it ended up being me and Genna being late to get on the road. I had my first UK McDonald’s experience (rated: not that different) and fell asleep in the car and missed all the rain, fog and big car accident remains on the side of the road. We made a royal mess of Harriet’s house within minutes of arriving and decided we were too tired to go out in the yucky weather to go Caroling. Sleep = good.

Tuesday (Christmas Day)
Slept in (much to Harriet’s chagrin) and eventually woke up about 9 and we stumbled downstairs and waited for Harriet’s mama, Anne, to arrive. Harriet cooked up salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast and I experienced by first Bucks Fizz (Champagne and OJ). It took us about an hour to open presents – you could barely see the tree behind the mountain of presents. I was royally spoilt with pressies, mostly with a penguin, nun or cupcake theme. We took a good hour or two to doll ourselves up for Christmas Dinner, with Becca offering to straighten and flick my hair with her GHD, which I have fallen in love with and wondering if I can buy one duty-free. Harriet and Anne cooked up a storm with turkey, veges and whatnot to feed a small army while I was introduced to Love Actually on DVD. Dessert consisted of Anne’s pav and Genna’s trifle (not tripe, as I thought). We really didn’t need to eat again for a good 2 days. We lazed around on the couches watching old eps of RockStar:INXS and eventually toddled off to bed.

Wednesday (Boxing Day)
Running late (as usual), we managed to leave for Lincoln just before 10. The drive from Newark to Lincoln is very pretty, complete with farm animals. We walked through Lincoln centre and trekked up the hill (felt more like mount everest) to Lincoln Cathedral, where they filmed The Da Vinci Code (I thought it was a crap movie, so this wasn’t as exciting as the Cathedral itself). The Cathedral is STUNNING. Genna and I paid the  £3 to walk around the Cathedral (gotta love student discounts) and the detail and beauty of the whole thing was spectacular. Promise to upload pics later on today. Afterwards we checked out the post-Christmas sales and I bought up on makeup to replace what I’m sure is still sitting on my dressing table at home. We stopped for hot chocolate at Costa and drank the biggest hot chocolate I’ve ever had – so big, the mug had 2 handles. We stopped for a drink and nacho’s a Lloyd’s, a bar on the edge of the water in Lincoln and then went to see St Trinian’s at the Odeon. I also experienced my first Ben and Jerry’s icecream and it’s no surprise that I chose Cookie Dough flavour – oh my god it was awesome. St Trinian’s was a typically British movie in its humour and featured Colin Firth in a soaking wet, white shirt. For that alone the movie rates highly. Afterwards we went back to Lloyd’s to eat some Wetherspoons for dinner and drove home after that listening to Harriet’s musicals playlist on her iPod. For once I didn’t fall asleep in the car and “amuse” everyone with my snoring.

Today was leftover day at Harriet’s, with Floey and Maz joining us for the day. We filled up on leftovers before walking into Newark for a couple of games of 10-pin bowling (at which I mostly sucked and wished for my skills in the Wii version) and then to the Old Post Office Pub for nachos and drinks before walking Floey to the Newark Castle train station. In what is apparently typical form, we were advised of the train cancellation 1 minute after the train was due to arrive and then we hiked over to Northgate train station so we could get Floey onto the next train from there. By this time it was about 5pm and dark already and pretty cold (although milder than it had been on other days). Genna and Becca challenged themselves to finding Harriet’s house on their own while Maz, Harriet and I made sure Floey got on her train, with the help of a Costa’s mint hot chocolate to keep me warm. I LOVE MINT HOT CHOCOLATE. By the time we got back home, I’d basically walked right around Newark and seen virtually all of Newark Castle except the inside. We rugged up on the couch, ate more leftovers and watched Legally Blonde, which was the only movie we could all agree to watch. I struggled to stay awake (again) and gave myself an early night (again), so I was probably asleep by 9pm. I love sleep.

Friday (Today)
After my previous wake ups during the week, me not getting up until 9 was a massive sleep-in for me. The girls didn’t start getting up until about 10.30, which proved interesting since we’d decided to leave at 10.00am. We packed ourselves up, tried to clean up the mess we’d made of Harriet’s house and waved Maz off before jumping in the car with Genna and Becca and the 2hr drive home. Traffic jams in a few places so we detoured our way around them. It’s amazing how similar Australia and the UK seems – just the odd castle or cathedral on the horizon amongst all the typically British houses along the side of the road. All in all a pretty view, but even more so first thing in the morning and covered in frost. Genna has taken off with Claudia to pick up their dogs Jake and Roxie, so I’ll soon be covered in doggie happiness. We planned to see Avenue Q tonight, but no deals on because of the Christmas season, so hopefully better luck next week. Tonight Sophie has a bunch of friends coming over, so even though the house is pretty damn big, we’ll be keeping a low profile so as not to uncool Sophie’s shindig   :o)   I’ve been spending time working on uploading my holiday photos and whatnot.

So it’s been quite relaxing the last few days. A few more quiet days ahead before NYE celebrations (Guitar Hero and Singstar, so THAT should be interesting) and then it will pretty much be a whirlwind until I go home.

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