Tonight is my last night here in sunny England. Paris was beautiful, yesterday I hugged Robbie Williams at Madame Tussaud’s and last night stayed at Becca!’s house. Today we’re taking it pretty easy and tonight is a final dinner with Becca! and Genna before heading back to Genna’s for packing, etc. Tomorrow I’m in London all day, hanging out with Becca!, Floey, Charlie, Harriet and hopefully Jo as well. A gathering that could be bigger than my arrival will take me to Heathrow tomorrow night.

My jetlag plan is to get a couple of hours’ sleep when we take off from Heathrow and then try to stay awake until we take off from Singapore and sleep Singapore-Sydney. Nothing ever goes to plan, but I feel better for at least having one in my head.

I haven’t got the brain capacity to type up the detail of my last week here and I’m not ready to deal with the reality of leaving here. But I’m very excited to be going home to Dan and the boys and to being back in Enmore and catching up with friends, family, even work! and meeting baby Angus.

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One thought on “And finally…

  1. Have a good trip back, look forward to all the fine details of your wonderful trip on Monday morning!
    Love Carmel

    Posted on 16 January 2008 at 11:29 am