Food fit for a lingerie party

Today I hosted my annual Intimo party – Intimo being my favourite lingerie brand.

You guys, their bras are brilliant.

It was my proper first afternoon tea party since we moved and I baked up a storm for my ten guests.

I made my finest batch of chocolate cupcakes with milk chocolate frosting (as in, it has melted milk chocolate in it – seriously delicious)

I made mini meringues – some plain and some chocolate. My first time making these and was impressed by how well they turned out – crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside (promise to share the recipe tomorrow)

I went for some traditional party fare too; dips, cheese, chippies

Have you ever been to lingerie party? It’s like Tupperware for your boobs. I’ve been going to (and hosting) Intimo parties for the last 12 years or so and love the brand. More than anything it’s a good excuse for catching up with friends and eating up a sugar storm.

Party plans like Intimo and Tupperware can freak people out with the perceived pressure to buy wares, but I always make a point of making sure my friends don’t feel like they have to buy. I never listen to my own advice and I ended up buying way too much. (I’m considering it a belated birthday present for myself).

I’m still coming down from the sugar rush and I’m exhausted from all the housework I did to get our place in some form of order (no easy task when we still haven’t finished unpacking).

I think I’ll leave the washing up for tomorrow.

Do you do lingerie parties?

On cupcakes and how I went feral

My post over at That’s Noice today was made possible by the help of friends like JarodAndLiz, Scarlet and Kelley. For either sourcing the existence of the fabulousness that is cupcakes-on-cupcakes, or for sourcing mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for me.

I tried making cupcakes on Friday night, but I was a bit, well, frazzled because of a huuuuuuge moth in the kitchen. And I ruined the cupcakes.

I had tried a couple of those Peanut Butter Cups earlier that night, and I honestly think they sent me feral. And rendered me incapable of baking my cupcakes. I turned into a grumpy old hag for hours. Sooky, grumpy, stampy… that was me. And I’m wondering if the Peanut Butter Cups were to blame?

So all day Saturday I was too scared to try making more cupcakes. I’ve been without my cupcake-making mojo for at least six months and I was wondering if it would be lost forever. I mean, hello, how can I have a reputation for being a cupcake lady if I can’t even bake a basic cupcake??

BUT! Yesterday afternoon I got my courage back and they turned out perfectly. Om nom nom

It’s good to be back.

PS it’s very hard to be restrained while on a diet and making cupcakes and then photoshopping photos of cupcakes. Look at what I was dealing with last night on my PC… so hard to not try to lick the screen…

Woah, I was an overnight sensation… for just one night

Little did I know that when I decided to post about Cudo refunding unclaimed Ghermez Cupcakes vouchers that it would get 53 comments (including comments from Cudo and Ghermez bosses), get linked to by varying Twitterers, Whirlpoolers and OzBargainers and become my 3rd most popular post on this here blog since I started collecting stats in July 2009.

All within the space of about 48 hours.

Check out my Nuffnang stats for the week:

After peaking at 250 visits on Wednesday, it’s nice to have traffic back to normal.

Of course, this massive spike would happen just days after I posted an unflattering photo of myself to scare me into going on a diet. A diet that I still haven’t started because I’ve been an emotional sook this week.

But the sun is out today for the first time in months (seemingly), so things are looking up.

In case you’re wondering? My all-time most popular posts are this one where I stole a pic from PostSecret and the one about how I made Vodafone my bitch. Okay, maybe that’s not what happened. But I like to think of it that way :)

Why did ditch Ghermez Cupcakes?

Last month Fiona cottoned me onto Cudo and their $12-for-a-dozen cupcakes from Ghermez Cupcakes. The cupcake brand I’ve been wanting to try out for yonks. Awesome, right?

This afternoon, I got this email:

My name is Billy Tucker and I am the CEO of Cudo.   I am writing to you regarding your recent purchase of cupcakes from Ghermez Cupcakes on October 19, 2010.

At Cudo, your total satisfaction is everything to us.   We select the best businesses in Australia to partner with, who provide amazing offers in return.   However, as we received such a phenomenal response to this offer it is proving to be problematic to meet the demand from consumers without compromising quality and standards.

To ensure every Cudo experience is always a faultless one, on this occasion, I have come to the decision to unwind the offer and, instead, refund in full every one of the members who purchased but have yet to receive their cupcakes.

We would like to apologise for the inconvenience and disappointment this may cause, and would like to assure you that offering great quality is as important to us as offering a great bargain.

We have issued you with a refund and you should have a notification of this via email.

Okay, fine, I’m getting a refund, no problemo. But what’s the deal? Is it a simple case of Ghermez not being able to keep up with the demand? Were they not keeping their end of the deal?

Curiosity is killing this cat.

Also: I could murder a cupcake right now.

How to: make a giant cupcake (NOT!)

I wanted to impress Jarod & Liz (.com) this afternoon with my giant cupcake skillz.

Even though it was such a success last week, I think I got a bit cocky this morning… and ended up with this:

And this is improved, because it’s at least decorated and hides the burnt outsides and the so-uncooked-it’s-still-runny insides. The nude version was UGLY. Trust me. It even needed a spatula to move it from the cake airer because the uncooked batter fused the damn cake to it.

It was easily the biggest baking disaster I’ve ever created.

Jarod and Liz picked the icing colours, and the decorations. We popped a mini cupcake (made from batter leftovers) on top in a vain attempt to minimise the horror.

Liz made chocolate hot cross buns and they were much better than my dismal attempt at baking.

I’m thinking I might branch out into the world of professional cupcaking. What do you reckon?