Alex of Crafternoon describes her crafting as having “œenthusiastic bursts” and when I read this I burst out laughing. Cause I’m the bloody same!

Let’s see, that sewing machine I bought last month— I haven’t touched it in about 3 weeks. It’s starting to collect dust.

BUT! It’s because I’ve fallen in love with crochet (which I keep mis-typing as “crotch” which is, erm, lovely).

It started as a big plan to go to a class through The Craft Room after perving on Sarah London\’s stunning crochet work. But realised that I couldn’t afford to go as quickly as my ADHD wanted me to. So I’ve been teaching myself courtesy of YouTube videos. Lots of YouTube videos. I’ve made lots of practice pieces and about 3 times I’ve started a “proper” crochet project of a blankie and each time I get distracted after about 4 days and want to start it again using a different method. Or different YARRRRRRRRN (American ladies of YouTube have infiltrated my brain).

I just went on a quick hunt around the house for random crochet pieces and this is what I found:

There’s more. I just can’t find it all. Some have been stolen by the cats to be used as playthings. So I guess all is not lost.

I went through a knitting phase about four years ago (I made three scarves). Sewing is clearly out for the time being and I’m wondering how long the crochet will survive. I currently take crochet wherever I go, on lunch dates, to work, to hospital when I visit mum — I’m even known to crochet while watching Doctor Who or while sitting up in bed instead of reading. So I guess this is the height of my “enthusiastic burst”?

I’m planning on popping along to a Crafternoon session very very soon. I love the idea of hanging out with a bunch of cool crafty ladies and picking up tips and tricks while nomming on cafe snacks.

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One thought on “What sort of crafter are you?

  1. I definitely have those ‘enthusiastic bursts’ too!

    I love that navy crochet- looks fantastic!
    .-= Talia´s last blog ..Bounce Rates =-.

    Posted on 1 June 2010 at 2:24 pm