I am seriously thinking I need to start a new FAIL blog. Or at the very least, a FAIL category.

Because, honestly, after yesterday’s debacle with the giant cupcake, you\’d think I\’d give it a rest today.

But no. Today I decided to try sewing.


But! I saw this Lola Nova tutorial for fabric eggs and fell in love.

I\’m sure I did a bunch of things that a good sewer never does. I just folded up the calico into 4 layers so I only had to cut the damn shape out once. I didn\’t mark my start/stop points like the pattern said I should. I didn\’t look up how to back stitch. I actually decided by the back stitch stage that the egg was a disaster and beyond help. So who gives a damn what a back stitch is.

(I actually ended up making a pretty cool mock up of an owl softie after this disaster, so I\’m heading out in the morning to get appropriate owl fabric (Felt? Polar fleece? Fat squares?). Promise to show you the end result – hopefully something better than a big fat FAIL!)

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