St Stephen’s and the Camperdown Cemetery are landmarks in Newtown, favoured by goths, artists, picnic-ers, dog-walkers and wannabe photographers. It’s been one of those places I’ve been meaning to check out, and we finally did tonight.

The Cemetery closed in 1867 after 16,000+ were buried there. The Church was opened in 1874.

In the late 1940s, the cemetery was reduced to about a quarter of its original size to make way for a public park (story has it that it was because of a gruesome murder of a young’un). A sandstone wall was built around the reduced Cemetery; the bodies are still below the public park. The headstones were moved and nailed to the inside of the wall.

As morbid as it is to walk around a Cemetery like it’s a tourist attraction, with the sun setting and the long shadows, it really was a nice way to spend the time between work and dinner.

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0 thoughts on “St Stephen’s

  1. very pretty pics Rah. Cemeteries can be very peaceful places.

    Posted on 4 March 2008 at 3:44 pm