I can’t quite believe I stuck it out for the whole year of taking a photo of myself each day.

Mostly ;) I won’t admit to how many times I forgot to take a pic and quickly snuck in two shots the following day…

Here’s my year.

Photo that the most effort went in to:

Favourite photo taken by someone else:

Saddest photo:

Happiest photo:

Handy dandy stats

Photos with cats: 53

Photos in bed 26

Photos with the husband: 15

Photos with (other people’s) kids: 9

Photos of me exercising: 7

Photos with Jennifer Hawkins: 1

Photos with a complete and utter stranger: 1

Photos of me sitting on the toilet: 1

Photos of me as an animated gif: 1

Fails (that I’m willing to admit to): 14

Just quietly

I’m looking forward to not taking a photo of myself every day :) Trying to remember if I’d taken a photo every day. Faking photos. Admitting to missed days. Losing photos on mobile phones that went scuba diving.

But something tells me I’ll miss it after a while ;)

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2 thoughts on “Project 365: complete!

  1. I have a feeling I kinda said a similar thing when I finished my 365 end of 09! I’m kinda back doing another one this year!

    Posted on 1 January 2011 at 7:41 pm
  2. Wow. you made it! :)

    I’ve started, and I’ve missed a day already!

    Posted on 7 January 2011 at 12:42 pm