It’s not hard for October to be #1 month. It started with a dayspa, THE WEDDING, the honeymoon(s) and ended with feeling loved up on my return to work last week, wishing Liz a happy kitteh birthday and bowing to Leigh‘s peer pressure and finally eating my first ever Ikea hotdog.

It was the first month since May that things seem to be on an even keel with mum’s health, too.

Unfortunately, a fair amount of photos from the first half of the honeymoon ended up going  snorkeling  in Isle of Pines and were lost forever to the salty, salty water.

1. 274/365: forgot, so here’s the sneaky milka shot I set to Jarod, 2. 275/365: the bridal couple, the night before, 3. 276/365: bride and groom, 4. 277/365: honeymooners, 5. 278/365: this relaxing business is tough :), 6. 279/365: the happy couple, 7. 281/365: bedtime on the cruise, 8. 282/365: first full day at sea, 9. 283/365: no photo, but here’s the towel elephant our steward made us, 10. 284/365: too seasick, so here’s the sea, 11. 280/365: no photo, but here’s lunch, 12. 285/365: seasick. again. still., 13. 286/365: emerald bay/divine island, 14. 287/365: noumea, 15. 288/365: isle of pines (our favourite part of the cruise), 16. 289/365: lovely at-sea weather, 17. 290/365: last night on the cruise; can’t sleep, 18. 291/365: home sweet home, 19. 292/365: elvis missed me too, 20. 293/365: FREE SLURPEE!, 21. 294/365: it’s space bag day!, 22. 295/365: this is how I fall asleep, 23. 296/365: had my fake nails ripped off, 24. 297/365: foot in air about to fall asleep after first day back at work, 25. 298/365: fatteh belleh on kitteh!, 26. 299/365: i inherited a threadless hoodie, 27. 300/365: bear is desperate for attention, 28. 301/365: hello, enmore!, 29. 302/365: ink stains, 30. 303/365: jarod took this at liz’s birthday dinner

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    Posted on 2 November 2010 at 8:38 am