Even though I’ve said on here before (twice!) that I’ve given up on making new year’s resolutions, I guess attempting to take a photo of yourself every day for 365 days is a bit of a resolution, no?

Last year, I got up to day 186.

It’s quite good to have the first couple of weeks of the new year away from my desk job, it gives me a chance to at least get a little way in with the resolution ;)

Here’s me in the first week of 2010:

1/365: Oh, hai! | 2/365: I’m gonna vom
3/365: Me + Miss Chloe | 4/365: shabby me + shabby loungeroom
5/365: lookin’ spesh while playing with new phone | 6/365: taking it all off
7/365: new hair

Yes, most of the pics are lazy ones of me just sitting at my PC. Yes, I chopped off my hair, but it doesn’t look anywhere near as dramatic as I thought it would. Do I like it? I think I need to get better at styling it myself first :)

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One thought on “I suppose you’d call this a new year’s resolution

  1. that picture of you and chloe is fricking adorable. i cant believe how grown up she looks!!

    Posted on 8 January 2010 at 8:54 pm