I’ve caught a green thumb, so have gone nuts the last 2 weekends with clearing up the garden and buying herb seedlings to try to save us the $2.99 every time we need a fresh bunch of *insert herb here*.

I’ve mostly been inspired by the work Nat and Chloe have been doing with the seeds I helped plant on the farm last month. But of course they get decent sunshine, so that’s why I’m sticking with herbs in the seedling format and nothing more:

So we now have basil, chives, continental parsley, strawberries, afro parsley and coriander. We already had standard mint, which I’ve tried to resurrect. I also repotted the aloe vera (‘ALLO VERA!) in the hope that it doesn’t die a slow and painful death. Vera saved me when I had severe sunburn in about 2003, so I vowed to protect the breed wherever possible.

I also bought some cat mint and cat grass in the hopes of turning Elvis and Bear COMPLETELY PSYCHO, which is yet to happen, but it’s early days yet. I have diligently watered everything daily (with bunnings receipt in hand) so have high hopes for a bumper crop that would do our Alfalfa House neighbours proud.

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