I discovered BlackRapid’s R-Strap via the D40 and D40X Photog Blog.

Dan, Josh and I immediately wanted to get the RS-2 model, but had to wait a couple of weeks until more stock came in. We now refer to it as the ‘arse trap’, since it sounds like we’re saying exactly that when talking about our R-Straps.

I’m not going to post photos of me wearing it because a) i look like a dork, and b) wearing the strap makes my boobs look even bigger than they already are.

If you want to understand how the strap works, the video from the web site does a good job:

I got to test out my own RS-2 last night at function where I was taking photos of an awards presentation. Having the strap was worth it for the lack of strain on my neck. When I was in Europe over Christmas, it was such a pain using the generic strap and wearing my camera around my neck or on my shoulder. The R-Strap leaves both hands free and available, and is comfortable while you’re wearing.

I obviously didn’t have the strap fitted properly to my body, because I had issues when I need to take shots in portrait and had to pull back on the strap to release it off my shoulder. No doubt if I have another fiddle with the straps I’ll be fully functional.

I agree with pretty much everything orb9220 wrote in their review, especially with adjusting to not being able to sit the camera on my desk like I normally would – if the FastenR is still attached, the camera has to sit on its side. But the product is superior quality, and while pricey, well worth it, especially for us Aussies when the exhange rate is so much more in our favour than it was this time last year.

I have another photog gig next week, so will get another chance to use the R-Strap. This time it will be an all-day gig, so should be interesting to give the ‘arse trap’ a red-hot go.

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