I’m a giant tightwad when it comes to spending money on software slash online services. I got so used to getting free trial or entry level versions that I assumed I could get All The Things without having to offer up my PayPal account.

It got to the point where paying 99c for an app seemed crazy. Who’d spend that much money, am I right?

I’ve wisened up in the last year or so (and loosened the purse strings) to actually start paying for this shit.

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Hey you guys! There’s a new linky uppy thingy that Helen’s doing called Head and Heart. This is the first h’official month of it and because I’m in need of a bit of direction when it comes to blogging here… I’m jumping right on in. Helen wants us to focus on the positives, but, um, you’ll see where I’ve struggled on that point and got my ranty pants on a bit. Whoops.

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A disclaimer before I get my ranty pants on: I love watching The Project. They are one of the only shows in recent history that has tried (and persevered with) a new way of delivering the news. It’s like the love child of The Daily Show, Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell and The 7:30 Report.

This morning I saw a promo to win tickets to see a taping of The Project in Sydney.

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So the thing with plane-spotting is that it’s all about GREAT PHOTOS.

And the thing about great photos? GREAT LOCATIONS.

And I know JACK SQUAT about either of these things. So I’ve set about learning about great locations so I can practice getting great photos.

I started with Sam Chui’s Sydney Airport spotting guide, which is a little bit outta date, but whatevs. The maps, descriptions and sample pics are fricking brilliant for a n00b such as Rah.

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