There’s been lots of discussion as to whether tonight’s Earth Hour is actually going to do any good.

One friend has referred to it as slacktivision. Another says that the awareness alone is worth the effort. Of course, the likes of Tim Blair are anti-Earth Hour, what what do you expect from rightys who’re into creationism? *

And yes, there’s talk of the energy spent turning lights back on in an hour’s time and how can one hour really make a difference and BLAH BLAH BLAH.

But I remember last year driving around Sydney and seeing icons without their lights on (even the local Maccas) and, I dunno, it just highlighted just how many people give a shit about the environment and want to do something to fix it. Surely it’s worth all the hoo-ha to really show governments and naysayers that we’re serious?

That said, it’s just got Earth Hour o’clock and we’re yet to turn anything off. And Dan and Josh are out buying KFC for dinner. So clearly we’re doing a great job.

* To clarify, I haven’t seen any evidence that Tim Blair’s actually into creationism. I just love to generalise and assume all those who sit on the right of the political scale believe that god created everything. Just like the generalisation that all females with short hair are lesbians and/or feminists.

** Hey, wow, Tim Blair linked me. Way to get my badly-written and not entirely well-though out opinions   some publicity. But it suddenly makes sense as to why there’s been a spike in my stats (2 a day to 300, anyone?). I don’t claim to be a decent writer or of decent opinion. So if you want to tell me I’m wrong about Tim Blair, whatevs. I’ve heard it before. Please save your energy and keystrokes for someone who actually deserves it, e.g. someone with talent.