From SMH:

AN AUSTRALIAN man who was a former high-ranking member of the Church of Scientology is calling for the religion to be “totally dismantled” because of the human rights abuses he says it inflicts on its followers.

He supports the actions of an internet-based group called Anonymous that has launched a wave of global protests against the church.

Even though he left the church almost 20 years ago, he still does not want his location revealed, fearing harassment from the religion.

Sea Org members must sign a billion-year contract to the church (because they believe in an afterlife this condition is taken very seriously).

“I think it needs to be totally dismantled to help save the people in it. It is not run like a religion. It’s more like a cult. My concerns are about the constraints it puts on an individual and the denial of human rights. It is run by fear.”

The more I learn about Scientology, the worse it gets. A million year contract? What nutbags.

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