About a month ago I was saying how I’d been given a voucher to use on Groupon to review one of their deals. I’m always a bit iffy about doing these sorts of things, but the Groupon team were adament that I give an honest opinion… they haven’t asked to read this before I hit publish, so they’re finding out what I thought at the exact same time as you are.

And I couldn’t fault the experience, from hunting for a deal through to walking out the door after a glorious 2-hour massage.


I’ve had friends tell me that they’ve had a horrid time with discount voucher sites (not necessarily with Groupon, there’s a whole bunch out there right now); slow delivery, poor service or even receiving the incorrect deal. The thing with these discount voucher sites, they exist as an avenue to offload unwanted stock or as a promotional tool for businesses and, to minimise cost, sometimes you have to wait for your deal. I waited a month for my massage and you know what, I was cool with that. You might not be. But my two-hour massage had a ticketed price of $60 when it was worth at least three times that amount. To get that kind of a discount, you have to be prepared to wait.

Another thing to remember is that when it comes to selling massages, hot-air balloon rides and whatnot, sites like Groupon are at the mercy of the third party providing the service. And sometimes that fails. Like in 2010 when Cudo had issues with Ghermez Cupcakes. But I dare say that was a landmark case that put more pressure on businesses to be able to provide the goods when making an offer through sites like Groupon.

And man, that massage I had was so bloody good, I went home and napped. And napped the next day, too. I needed that massage big time.


I was gifted a voucher by Groupon to test out their service and share my thoughts with you guys. My thoughts here are honest and not influenced by the generosity of Groupon.

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