Preamble: This isn’t a sponsored post, because Dyson didn\’t pay me to do this. This is a review post because Dyson provided me with a new DC34 Animal series handheld vacuum cleaner. I’ll have to hand this baby back, though I will be very very reluctant to do so. I’ve already started saving up so I can buy one.
TBH, I’m not very used to doing this, save for the odd review post on That’s Noice. Forgive me if it’s not Walkley-worthy!

What’s the best suction joke you can make about a vacuum cleaner?

In my life BD (Before Dyson), I knew Dyson products as being (reportedly) fabulous, but also way out of my price range.

I own 4 vacuuming devices at the moment – a Miele Cat and Dog barrel-style, a bog-standard “dust buster” and 2 iRobot Roombas. Pretty lavish for a DINK family with 2 cats living in a 1-bedroom apartment, no?

So why would I need a super-expensive handheld vacuum cleaner in my life?

The Cliff’s Notes-version of the press release

  • It’s got 15 minutes of hard-core sucking power – 6 minutes if you use MAX mode
  • The motor spins 5x faster than a F1 engine
  • An internal microprocessor makes up to 3,300 adjustments each second to control its speed to monitor and self-adapt to vacuum airflow
  • It takes 3 ½ hours to fully charge
  • The standard DC34 goes for $299 and the DC34 Animal retails for $349
  • Both the DC34 and the DC34 Animal have been tested for over 200 hours by mechanical rigs and real people – dropping it, bashing it and generally abusing it.

How does one review a vacuum cleaner?

Choice Magazine, I am not. But I’ve done a lot of real-life vacuuming to prove the worth of this little sucker (see what I did there?). It’s successfully sucked up cat hair, human hair, dust bunnies (it actually sucked dust bunnies from across the hall – true story!), kitty litter, rogue leaves, spilled sugar, blanket fluff…

Blow me down, it works!

It did a great job on all surfaces, save for the really cheap fabric under the cushions on my IKEA couch.

There was the initial “wow” factor of being able to see what we’re sucking up, but when I compared its suckage to our full-size vacuum cleaner, we twigged that this thing is the real deal.

Comparing it to the Miele Cat and Dog vacuum cleaner

Our Miele Cat and Dog vacuum cleaner is our default vacuum cleaner. We upgraded from a generic Miele model a few years ago and found that it was fabulously more effective in removing kitty fur.

Last week we bought a second-hand cat tree from our local op-shop, which was covered in someone else’s cat hair. I vacuumed the top shelf with the Miele first, then the Dyson (using the Dyson motorised animal hair attachment).

And this is what the Dyson sucked up:

Remember, this is after the Miele vacuum cleaner had a go.

Impressive for a 1m2 piece of carpet, no?

What the cat thought

Elvis usually runs away from the vacuum cleaners in our house, so the fact that he held his ground and had a bit of a nom… well, it’s not what we were expecting. We put it down to the more compact size and the pitch/volume when the Dyson’s switched on.

Things that won me over

  • Bagless system = no need to buy overpriced single-use bags
  • The filter is washable, so more cost savings
  • Minimal hot air blowing out the back of the machine – you know that feeling when you’re inhaling vacuum cleaner/dust buster air… ewww. Not so much on this machine (and perhaps that’s Dyson across the range)
  • It’s husband-friendly – within minutes of Dan using this, he declared “we need to buy one”. He was even willing to be a hand model for this post

Things that’d make me love it even more

  • A light to tell me when charging is complete
  • A warning light when charge is running out
  • Some sort of storage system to let me hang it on my laundry wall
  • A longer stick attachment so I can reach cobwebs

The Dyson has become part of our family

Now that we are living AD (after Dyson), our vacuuming routine has changed – our iRobot Roombas still run on a scheduled program every second morning, with top-ups when I’m about to mop the floors. The Dyson more than capably fills the gaps in between – corners, edges, steps, crevices, furniture, window sills, blankets. Because the Dyson is so portable compared to our Miele, I’m finding that I’m vacuuming a lot more often.

And best of all, we can use the Dyson to suck up fur on our clothes. We normally use those sticky rollers (and we go through a LOT of them), but with the Dyson we have ditched the rollers 90% of the time.

It’s particularly fabulous for sucking up fur off our teak dining table before a meal. Because cats will always choose to sleep somewhere you don’t want them to.

The suction joke

The most popular joke was when Dan read the Dyson box when I brought it home:

“It says here that it has twice the suction… wish my wife had twice the suction.”


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