Two very strange things happened this week.

One: I got box seats to see Keith Urban in concert. I played the dutiful trophy wife once more and even though I hadn’t even listened to a Keith Urban single, let alone a whole album, I’d become a bit of a fan of his after his stint on The Voice last year.

After a surreal experience of eating a belated dinner in a room lit only by the flashing neon from Keith’s opening number, we got to watch the concert while drinking endless cups of coke zero and creme brulee. By the end, I was a complete convert to Australia’s favourite fluffy-haired singing export. Keith puts on a bloody good show and knows what his fans want when they come to see him in concert.

gif from
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Two: Someone who I adore very much told me on Thursday that I remind them of Renee Zelwegger’s interpretation of Bridget Jones. Mostly because of my ability to make an idiot of myself and my preference for wearing bunny ears.

I do NOT count calories like Bridget does, though I’m known to wear granny fat sucker knickers and sing along to power balads very loudly when the mood suits.

On Thursday arvo I told my podiatrist of my friend’s recent discovery AND SHE AGREED THAT I’M LIKE BRIDGET. I asked if that meant I got to slide down fireman poles and kiss Hugh Grant and Colin Firth.

Apparently that’s not going to happen for me.

From GIF soup
From GIF soup


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3 thoughts on “My week summed up in animated GIFs

  1. I think there’s a bit of Bridget in all of us ;)

    And box seats! Wow, how cool is that? I dont think I know more than 1 Keith urban song, but it still sounds like fun.

    Posted on 6 February 2013 at 12:19 pm
    1. You could theorise that every country song sounds the same.. so you probably know is entire back catalogue ;)

      Posted on 7 February 2013 at 8:18 pm
    2. All I knew was that he song about fast cars and guitars/ghee-taahhhhhs ;)

      Posted on 8 February 2013 at 7:46 am