There’s one thing I’ve been good at – oh, only my entire life – and that’s staying in my comfort zone.

In my family we call it ostrich syndrome; stick your head in the sand where it’s nice and safe and nothing can hurt you.

(Except maybe worms. I never thought of worms. Gross.)

I really really liked it with my head in the sand. I’d pop out occasionally and challenge myself here and there, just enough… and then I’d crave my comfort zones and stay in the sand again, all warm and safe.

Last year I was knocked out of the sand big time – landing an ahhhmazing job that I knew was going to bring out even more of my awesome. I knew my ostrich days had to be left behind and I haven’t regretted it since.

And I got used to not being in the sand and learning to say YES to more things. Or asking for things. Because if you don’t ask, the answer’s already NO.

And one of the more recent things I’ve said YES to is super cool. I was realllllllly unsure when I started, but just quietly, I’m having a ton of fun.

catladypodcastIt’s this: The Cat Lady Podcast.

It’s Liz‘s brainchild and she deserves all the credit – she does the interviews, hosts, designed the logo, edits the audio… you name it, she does it. I was blown away when she asked me to co-host with her; this is a chick who can do anything she sets her mind to (she really can) and she trusted me to join her on this feline audio shebang. I hesitated before saying yes; because I knew this was another out-of-the-sand gig and I wanted to check that I knew I could follow through.

Sofa king glad  said YES. It’s an awesome podcast. (If I do say so myself.)

We’ve been listed as ‘new and noteworthy’ and made the top list in the hobby section on iTunes,which is freaking amazing. I’m learning to get used to hearing my own voice and I’m learning to love my bogan accent.

You can subscribe via RSS, find Cat Lady Podcast on iTunes, follow the Twitters and the Instagrams.

We’re almost at the end of the first season of the podcast (9 episodes, genius, no?) and I think next season I’ll be brave and even do some interviews of my own :)

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One thought on “Ostrich lady goes full cat lady

  1. Lady, how did I miss your sexy make over and I love, love, love the cat lady podcast x

    Posted on 11 April 2015 at 7:34 pm