Tonight I’m off to another musical event with GusAltar Boyz at the Seymour Centre.

I would like to clarify that I had no intention of going, considering my religious employ and the upcoming Popey events rendering me religiously overloaded. But then Gus facebooked me last month with “I totally think we have to go see this. I saw them doing a song called “God Put The Rhythm In Me” (very N Sync).


About 2 months ago Gus and I went with Jan to see Jon Stevens and Tania Doko and Jack Jones/Irwin Thomas at Burwood RSL, which can be best described with this pic:

In the email conversation we’re having about the final arrangements before tonight, I added “hope you’re bringing 4 mobile devices with you this time, just to make it interesting”. And he’s replied with “Does a laptop with built-in Next G count?”.

Um, yes, I think it does. I may even get to Plurk while I’m at Altar Boyz, score!

*There is a poster outside the Seymour Centre saying Altar Boyz is a “Holy hit!”

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