I avoided the whole iPod thing for ever, then succombed last year some time.

Then I tried to avoid using iTunes (courtesy of Winamp and associated plugins), then caved in after a couple of months.

This month I’ve started buying music via iTunes and everything seemed swell, until I pre-ordered Katie Noonan’s new album and waited patiently for it to download this morning. iTunes was all “oh, but you didn’t pre-order anything that’s been released today” and I was all “stuff off, Katie Noonan’s on sale”. Then we had a mediation session and the tracks downloaded in an orderly fashion.

Then I’m listening to the album, thinking “the filename for this says it’s the new single, but it sure as hell doesn’t sound like it”. A check of the tracklisting at sanity.com.au confirmed that iTunes had the first 3 tracks named out of order. great! I just paid you $16.99 and you can’t even get the tracks right. GOOD JOB, ITUNES. GOOD JOB.

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