Bachelor Girl is one of my favourite bands, full stop.

Apart from the divine vocals of Ms Tania Doko (@TaniaDoko), there are so many songs (many written by James Roche) that define keystone moments in my life… I remember when, a few years ago, I had the chance to meet BGirl outside the Entertainment Centre and I actually started crying when trying to explain to James just what BGirl songs meant to me.

How embarrassing.

But James was really sweet about my blubbering and asked lots of questions about specific songs and whatnot. He was loverley :)

It’s been about seven years since we last heard from BGirl, though I was lucky enough to see Tania perform at Burwood RSL in 2008 (turns out I never blogged about it, but Gus did).  I assumed that BGirl had broken up, but apparently their 3rd album was ready to be released when their label was amalgamated with another label and caused all sorts of legal hoo-ha with copyright and whatnot.

But when Gus told me that they were going to be at The Basement (hello, iconic Sydney live venue), I booked a ticket for myself even though I knew I’d end up going on my own. Some gigs are worth being a nigel for.

Only problem with going on your own is that you might get some guy chatting you up, asking you what game you’re playing on your phone (Angry Birds) and then have to explain to him THE OBJECTIVE OF ANGRY BIRDS. Jeebus. And this guy (he was nice, to be fair) looked to be under 30 and admitted to not owning a mobile phone or a computer at home.

I didn’t know these people still existed, he belongs in a museum.

Thankfully BGirl started before he ran out of questions to ask (e.g. “What’s your five year plan?”) and began with a video mixtape of covers of their most popular song (and now listed as one the top 100 Australian songs of all time), Buses and Trains. It was mostly a mix of YouTube covers, but included people like Irwin Thomas, Jay Laga’aia AND HUMAN NATURE (zomg, hello!). It was quite well done and guaranteed a great response when the band bounded on stage.

Pic by Gwendolyn Lee of The AU Review

The set itself was fab, they covered almost all the songs I was hoping to hear, learned things about some fave songs (like, Waiting for the Day was written within an hour the night that James saw an ex at a party) and they were clearly stoked to be performing together again.

Pic by Gwendolyn Lee of The AU Review

They’ve announced on their FB page that there are more (acoustic!) tour dates in July and that the lost tracks from their third album (I’m assuming they mean those songs not included in their current release best-of album “Loved and Lost”) will be available digitally in the coming months, too.

Pic by Gwendolyn Lee of The AU Review

Here’s the set list from the Basement gig (Gus, this is for you):

Photo from Bachelor Girl’s FB page

Who needs to bootleg when something v similar is already on YouTube? How good is YouTube?!

Do you like Bachelor Girl?

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4 thoughts on “Bachelor Girl at The Basement, 3 June 2011

  1. I love Bachelor Girl. If I’d been in Sydney I would definitely have come along to the concert with you so that you didn’t have to be a Nigel and to protect you from the guy who doesn’t understand the purpose of Angry Birds (how is this possible?)

    I have recentlly had the BG song ‘Permission to Shine’ running through my head quite a bit. I’ve tried to find a good version on YouTube to put on my blog, but haven’t had a lot of luck. I think I will have to post it for my Sunday Sessions post this weekend. LOVE that song.

    I’ve followed their FB page and will be looking forward to new tracks. YAY!

    Posted on 21 June 2011 at 9:47 pm
  2. Oooh. Just noticed on their FB page that they will be playing at Lizotte’s in Newcastle on the 26th of July! That gives me a month to find someone to go along with me otherwise I’ll just have to arm myself with my own Angry Birds and head out on my own. :-)

    Posted on 21 June 2011 at 9:49 pm
  3. I can’t say I am a bit fan but am surprised at how many of their songs I know. Good for you for heading out on your own. A brave woman! Your suitor sounds a bit scary :-) x

    Posted on 24 June 2011 at 2:11 pm