This morning while eating my toast and yoghurt, I was flicking through the Herald and found the story of Dr John Elliott, a terminally ill adopted Australian who flew to Switzerland to medically end his own life.

It wasn’t easy to read, and quite eerie to read his final letter. But I can’t help but feel total awe for this man who had such a strong conviction to put an end to his pain that he had a journalist and photographer cover it.

I hope that the article generates some controversy and discussion and helps to change some minds about the topic.

And I hope that if I ever reach that stage of my life that have the same conviction.

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0 thoughts on “Vale Dr John Elliott

  1. I read the article too, and have been pondering the notion of ‘my exit’. Will it happen when i’m asleep? Will i slip in the shower, crack my head and that’s that? Will i be bed-bound for weeks and die slowly and painfully from a condition whose name i can’t pronounce? I know it’s morbid to say so, but i hope that if and when i need to go (with speed and dignity) that i’ll have the option of euthanasia and not have to travel thousands of miles to get it.

    Posted on 31 January 2007 at 11:01 am