Shamelessly stolen from fifikins

Where is your cell phone?  · handbag front pocket
Your girlfriend/boyfriend/hubby?  · aka Magic Dan
Your hair?  · it needs trimming
Where is your father?  · grafton lawn cemetery
Your favorite thing to do?  · laugh out loud
Your dream last night?  · yelling at mum
Your favorite drink?  · COKE
Your dream car?  · Pink Mazda SP-23
The room you’re in?  · overlooking enmore theatre
Your fears?  · turning into mum
Who did you hang out with last night?  · dan elvis bear
What aren\’t you good at?  · no PMS tantys
Muffins?  · i prefer cupcakes
One of your wish list items?  · expensive macro lens
The last thing you did?  · nommed vegetarian pizza
What are you wearing?  · got any blacker?
Your pet?  · cupcake-eating cats
Your computer?  · piece of crap
Your life?  · ignoring most family
Your mood?  · better than before
Missing?  · slash emgee girls
What are you thinking about right now?  · i hate cleaning
Your car?  · dirty black mazda2
Your work?  · jesus is king
Your summer?  · will be hot
Your relationship status?  · contemplating teh marriage
Your favorite color(s)?  · pink, pink, pink
When is the last time you laughed?  · at penis joke
Last time you cried?  · amazingly, don’t know
School?  · riverside girls’ high

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