With the whole moving thing, I’m in the market for a washing machine. I’ve been having fantasies about buying a front-loader since experiencing the one my in-laws bought a few years ago. I’ve heard everyone’s opinions as to why I shouldn’t buy a front-loader, but too bad, I’m hooked.

The model I’m after (the LG WD1238C) retails for $1249. Fine, a bit more expensive than I can afford, but it got shortlisted in Choice mag this year.

But it’s amazing what you find when you type a model number into Google (although, Dan deserves all the credit for this). First result is Appliances Online, where there’s free delivery in Sydney. MY LG WD1238C sells for $849 at Appliances Online – a $400 saving.

The icing on the cake is the $150 rebate from Sydney Water because of the water efficiency of the machine. Which easily covers the $115 to extend the LG warranty to 5 years.

Effectively, I’m saving $435 for being too lazy to look at washing machines in stores like Hardly Normal and Retravision. Next mission: the new fridge.

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0 thoughts on “Discounted electricals

  1. i find it weird that front loading machines are a big deal.
    australians are strange.
    i have a front loading machine that washes and dries and EVERYTHING.

    Posted on 16 April 2007 at 2:19 am