Today I went to the opening of an exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW, in downtown Sydney.

The exhibition showcased the work of Amelia Matheson. She’s 7 years old.

Milly was granted a wish by the Starlight Children’s Foundation, an organisation that grants wishes to seriously ill children. Milly is recovering from a form of neuroblastoma.

Milly wished to have art lessons with “a proper artist” and then have it displayed at the Art Gallery of NSW. Milly had sessions with Janet Laurence and today had her hair done at the hairdresser, wore her brand new pink party dress and was driven by limousine to the opening of the exhibition.

Friends and family piled into the gallery for the opening, treated to fairy bread and mini muffins.

Thankfully, Milly is well on the road to recovery and plans to have her next exhibition in New York.

Today was the the first time I shot in RAW mode. I didn’t realise that Photoshop CS2 now supports our camera. I also used RawShooter Essentials, which made life easier when trying to work out which pics to convert. It’s a bit of a culture shock to go from having space for 900+ jpg images on the 1Gb memory card, down to 70. Bloody worth it, though.

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