It’s been over a week since my last wisdom tooth was removed and I’m very glad to be off the Panadeine Forte, the Nurofen Plus, the antibiotics and the disgusting anti-bacterial mouthwash. DISGUSTING!

The last time you saw me I was nervously counting down until the tooth was removed:


When my 3 other wisdom teeth were removed I had no swelling whatsoever. Kinda made up for it though this time:





Up until a couple of days ago there was still some slight swelling, but now I’m free of stitches, free of pain and just have to make sure food doesn’t get stuck in the hole until it heals up more.

So I’m now what I consider to be an adult. I have done something I considered to only be worthy of a “real” grown up and is part of my breakaway from being an ACOA.

Now to stress over turning 31 in 3 months. Gah!

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