So I’ve been doing some real-life shopping (like spending $200+ at Target) and some online stuff too.

Including Peter’s of Kensington, Threadless and ePet Supplies, and the orders arrived today:


I swear, most of these are Chrissy presents!

To save you from a long and only-interesting-to-members-of-this-household story, we scored some free treats with our cat supply order.

Within about 15 minutes of me brining the shopping upstairs in the giant box from the Peter’s order, Elvis and Bear cottoned onto the fact that there were treats in the courier bag stashed in the packing box, ripped through to the bag of treats and ripped two giant holes into the bag of treats.

I busted them with their snouts in the bag, nomming on the treats. Hell knows what’s in the treats, but they smell like fish food to me. This is why I wouldn’t make a very good cat:


They loved these treats SO much, it’s actually really cute, so I’ve given them a couple more and they’re now licking the floor where the treats were. Kitty crack!

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