This weekend I’ve been invited to (yet another) Nutrimetics party. For those of you who aren’t already in the vicious cycle of Pyramid Scheme Parties, STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS.

Yes, the parties can be fun. Yes, you can be introduced to new products and ideas. But you also get caught in the infinite loop where you are going to one of these parties on an almost-weekly basis (if not hosting one yourself).

I think I went to about 6 Nutrimetics parties in the first half of this year, and hosted one myself. These “direct selling” parties aren’t for people who are guillible or easily swayed (ie, me), especially if they’re bugging you to host a party of your own (ie, me). It’s hard enough to not spend 3 pay cycles’-worth on shiny products that you’ll never really use (ie, me), let alone when they try to push you into joining their evil ways (ie, me).

I was a Mary Kay Consultant for 3 months, barely made any sales and disagreed with almost all of their methods (If I want to wear something other than a knee-length skirt, I will, thankyouverymuch). Without saying so, I know my sister is disappointed that I was such a failure, especially now that she is so far up her Mary Kay ladder of achievement. If you’re not a pushy person, then you’re never going to make it in direct sales, no matter how much you try.

The benefit of my short stint as a Mary Kay idiot is that I have a huge amount of beauty products stashed in various cupboards around the house. I’m still trying to use this shit up and it’s been over 2 years since I last bought any Mary Kay products. Admittedly, I often get itchy feet and buy something new and cool from the chemist or supermarket. Then there’s the season of Nutrimetics. Holy crap I have so much stuff waiting to be used up. I should be as smooth as a baby’s arse.

So this weekend the vicious cycle starts again. Technically, I’m free to go, but I’m busying myself with other committments so I can avoid going. I’d spend too much money and the Nutrimetics lady knows that the renovations should be almost done by now, and that was my excuse for avoiding a party of my own.

Besides, it’s not like I need any more shower gel products. This is what I just found in my bathroom cabinet:

Six bottles, and that’s just in storage. There’s another 2 bottles in the shower of the upstairs bathroom and one more next to the bathtub in the new downstairs bathroom. I can imagine me if I went on Saturday:

Geranium-scented? Ooh, I don’t have that one…

The world will be a better place if I just avoid the whole thing completely. And you should, too.

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0 thoughts on “Too much beauty

  1. What I would like to know is why are you not using this stuff up. I never have enough nutrimetics. Nutri-clean is the only cleaner I have in my house except for comet(used to clean my toilet bowl). I wash windows, mirrors, floors, stains, remove gum from clothes and carpet, dampen a cloth and do my dusting and use it for bubble bath. As for the facials -clean my skin daily. Moisturisers (body lotions) are applied after the shower. This stuff gets used up if you use it. I don’t think it is the companys’ fault. You have to be of the mind to use this stuff from a party or use this stuff from the store. Nutrimetics has all the skincare a person needs. You don’t have to buy from the store. You also only buy what you need.

    Posted on 4 May 2007 at 11:03 am
  2. yes, i agree, Nutrimetics are actually really good products, i think it is easier for you to blame someone else for your lack of confidence in saying no.
    I don’t know there are a lot of products out there, some great some not so.
    But i have a few Nutrimetics products and I quite like them

    Posted on 14 March 2008 at 8:35 pm