Lots of people have gone back to work this week… but not us!

We’ve been doing lots of this

Actually, a whole lot of this

I’ve spent time making salads

And cooking meatballs in the tagine we were given as a wedding present (it only took three months to get around to using it)

(PS thanks to Kasey for finding the recipe for me!)

I’ve been doing some freelance web work for a lovely client, catching up with friends, making sponge cakes in the new convection microwave, and doing a MASSIVE decluttering of our penthouse.

I’ve gone through every drawer, cupboard, shelf, storage basket and hanging space in the house. I’ve tossed out clothes, shoes, books, knick-knacks and kitchenware and donated it all to the local op shop.  But I refuse to go through Dan’s stuff. All those cables and computer pieces scare me.

I saw The King’s Speech! Colin, Geoffrey and Guy were all fabulous. Really really enjoyed this, and would happily watch it again (if only for Colin. Mmm, Colin).

The most exciting thing I’ve done is install a new monitor on my desktop so that I’ve now got dual monitors (perhaps duelling monitors?). It seems a bit… lavish… but it makes for great multi-tasking with the TV playing on my old Apple monitor while I work on Photoshop on my big fat Dell monitor.

Which leads to the other thing I’ve been doing this week – watching TV! We haven’t watched much TV in this house, but our current setup makes it waaay easier. So I’ve been watching Jamie Oliver, 7pm Project, Good Chef/Bad Chef, Oprah, Dr Phil…. you know, stuff that’s great for my grey matter ;)

Have you gone back to work? Are you going back on Monday?

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3 thoughts on “This is what holidays are made of

  1. back to work on monday.

    not exactly feeling positive about it

    Posted on 7 January 2011 at 9:41 pm
  2. Go back to work? I never really left except for the public holidays! :P

    Posted on 9 January 2011 at 8:53 am
  3. oh jealous!
    unfortunately i’ve been working through christmas and the new year. it hurts!
    hahaha glad to see lots of channel ten viewing in there, keep me in a job :D
    and jeebus that dell monitor is huuuuuuge! and pretty.

    on the note of throwing things out.. am currently sittng on my bed atop a pile of clothes procrastinating instead of cleaning/throwing things out. gahh!

    Posted on 9 January 2011 at 11:53 am