Prologue: this was written (and was supposed to be published) just over a year ago. In preparation for turning 35 next week (!) I was looking for my post that I *knew* I had written… and it was still sitting in the drafts folder #fail

So here ’tis in all its belated glory…and you can expect a similar post about being 35 in the next week!

It wasn’t until 10.30pm the night before my 34th birthday that I realised just how good it was being 33.

33 was my best year yet. Far more contended and settled. I bought real estate. There were plenty of new babies (none of which were mine, thankfully) and no funerals. I started a business that I think has got legs.

I’m choosing to ignore the two car accidents!

Birthday eve on Thursday I got a surprise text from Nat my BFF asking if I’d like to get Thai with her for dinner. Nat lives a five-hour drive west of Sydney on a farm, but she was in Sydney for the night – surprise!

We popped in to visit a friend and her new baby, but I spent more time bonding with their cat, Dave.

Yesterday I was acting crabby for my 34th  birthday. I enjoy being the birthday girl and getting spoilt, but I hate being the centre of attention and having “happy birthday” sung to me makes me cry. That song has made me cry for as long as I can remember. I can usually hold my shit together (and even enjoy it), but straight singing—with lit candles dancing on a cake in front of me—makes me cry. The song reminds me of the people in my life who AREN’T there to sing it to me. Dad, grandparents, brother-in-law…

Yesterday I had “happy birthday” sung to me three times within as many hours. The first two were very sweet and lovely. I almost dodged the third rendition when I politely declined the suggestion until a latecomer pushed the issue. It made me all sorts of uncomfortable and I’m sure that while they were all singing I looked like the most ungrateful sod that ever existed.

This ungrateful sod got over herself eventually and had a fantastic dinner in Newtown. I was spoilt with lots of laughs, sangria and two cakes!

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