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Given it took me a year to remember to post about turning 34, I’m doing incredibly well to be posting about turning 35 before the end of my birthday month.

Which reminds me: I still haven’t written the epic post promised about our trip to Hobart last year. Whoops.

BUT! Thirty five celebrations (forever known as #rah35) were an absolute cracker. Good weather, beautiful town, brilliant excursions and my three favouritest human beings on the planet.

A fraction of the awesomeness of the weekend has been compiled into a itty bitty movie (my first foray into iMovie*), though it doesn’t include:

  • My A380 cake
  • Me hand feeding a lion
  • Me impersonating turkeys and beavers
  • An aurora!

Grab some popcorn and enjoy:

* yes I did say iMovie, yes that means I not only have touched a Mac, but I kinda have one now. OH MY GOD WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME

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