5 sleeps until we start moving house and today’s the last non-work day to get our act together. and our act’s clearly not together.

There is still much packing to be done, made especially hard when I’m trying to do the right thing and make giant piles of stuff that can be donated to charity (usually i just stop caring and chuck it in the bin). this whole ‘being sensible’ thing is a pain.

there are also obvious male/female differences showing up between me and dan: dan doesn’t think we have to clean the bathroom before we go; dan thinks it’s okay to make multiple trips back here in the week following the move. i’m turning into the nazi that only appears at times like this – something i should talk to my therapist about.

speaking of my therapist… 2 weeks ago she gave me homework on trying to be more assertive in specific areas. i’ve been avoiding it like the plague and the excuse of ‘oh, we’ve been, um, packing, and stuff…’ isn’t going to cut it. so maybe that’s something i’ll do while i try to avoid starting the tafe assignment that’s due tomorrow night.

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