We did it.

We hosted 12 people for Christmas lunch and no one starved or died of food poisoning.

It took me about 3 hours to fall asleep on Christmas night, though; my brain was buzzing and wasn’t helped by the cats knocking over the christmas tree (mucho decorations and pine needles and water on the floor and remaining presents).

Yesterday I felt like I had a hangover and still feeling a bit like that today. I could also attribute that to today’s humidity. I don’t cope with humid weather, which is why I’m pining for the freezing cold Christmas I had in England last year.

In other news, Elvis has decided he likes to lick candy canes through the plastic and Bear has decided he likes to nom on bonbons; both were knocked off the tree when it keeled over on Christmas night, so maybe that was their motive. We assumed they were trying to get high (literally and/or metaphorically) on the tree itself.


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One thought on “Recovery mode

  1. i love that you think last year’s christmas was “freezing”. YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING, AUSSIE. come back in february and we’ll show you what cold’s really about.

    Posted on 29 December 2008 at 10:17 pm